Defining (And Executing!) Your Call To Action For Optimal Results With Trade Show Displays

If you’ve participated in a live marketing event of any kind, chances are, you know firsthand just how critical pre-show planning can be to the overall results yielded at an event. A carefully outlined list of specific objectives is a must for any company hoping to dominate the showroom floor. Without having a detailed list of prospective goals, executives can quickly find their staff members losing focus and momentum throughout the long and potentially grueling days working the showroom floor.While most business leaders do flesh out a list of objectives as part of their pre-show strategy, many often fail to take the next steps necessary to ensure optimal success. Carefully outlining what you’re hoping to achieve is only part of the overall process. In order to truly reap maximum return on investment with your trade show displays, it’s imperative to also put together a plan of action on how you will meet your objectives.

Brainstorming And Implementing Calls To Action With Your Trade Show DisplaysOnce you have your focused goals created, it’s time to devise a systematic plan, complete with calls to action, to ensure that you and your team are prepared for the wide range of visitor engagements that can occur at your trade show displays. These calls to action have to be visual and verbal prompts and cues that propel your guests toward your goals of driving leads, networking information and, ultimately, closed deals.When brainstorming with your team a specific, detailed list of calls to action you’ll use at your trade show displays, consider using tactics such as:Landing page: Creating a landing page specifically for an event you’re attending can help business owners achieve a wide range of goals. From generating interest in your attendance at an event, to soliciting feedback and input post-function (aka: building your database), a landing page can help build buzz and capture critical data before, during and after the function.Handouts: All too often, business owners use handouts as fun freebies… and nothing more. However, purposefully utilizing your giveaways to help achieve some of your goals can truly help expand your overall brand exposure and outshine the competitive participants also attending the event.Live presentations/demos: Never waste an opportunity to get your products in the hands of a live, potentially captive audience. Work with your team to create captivating presentations and product demos that get the crowd interested in your trade show displays as well as encourage them to leave their contact information with your for follow-up sales calls in the future.

Client appointments: Have an elusive client that you haven’t been able to successfully land? Or have a former active client that hasn’t bought from your business in awhile? If your goal is to get them (back) into the fold, setting up client appointments at your trade show displays may be the ideal call to action.By implementing even just a few calls to action at your trade show displays, you’ll instantly help your business remain goal-oriented to help maximize overall results at every function attended.